Google Calendar Embedded

Interact with a Google Calendar and embedded right on your website.  All changes to the calendar will show up on your website.  

Plan events, schedule an open house and anything that you want you customers to keep track of.  Just use your Google account to create your schedule and all the detail will show up on your website.

To enter the calendar into your website just place the url to your calendar in the option button “Settings -> Google Calendar” and then copy and paste the shortcode into your page or post in the website.  Nothing could be easier.

(Must make sure your calendar has public permissions set for events to show up on the website)

Google Map Embedded

Have you ever just wanted to set a location in a google map?  Now it so easy to do.  MapPress adds an interactive map to the wordpress editing screens. When editing a post or page just enter any addresses you’d like to map.

The plugin will automatically insert a great-looking interactive map into your blog. Your readers can get directions right in your blog and you can even create custom HTML for the map markers (including pictures, links, etc.)!

Key Features

  • MapPress is based on the latest Google maps API v3 – it’s fast, optimized for mobile phones – and no API keys are required!
  • WordPress 3.0 and MultiSite compatible
  • Custom post types are supported
  • Easily create maps right in the standard post edit and page edit screens
  • Add markers for any address, place or latitude/longitude location, or drag markers where you want them
  • Create custom text and HTML for the markers, including photos, links, etc.
  • Street view supported
  • Readers can get driving, walking and bicycling directions right in your blog. Directions can be dragged to change waypoints or route
  • Multiple maps can be created in a single post or page
  • Real-time traffic
  • New shortcodes with many parameters: “mapid” (to specify which map to show), “width” “height”, “zoom”, etc.
  • Programming API to develop your own mapping plugins

Create Your Own Pages

Every website has a very powerful customizable back-end.  Having the power to change menu bar, create custom pages, interact with template pages, install sidebar widgets and embed multimedia data all on your own.  Using  the well known WordPress style back-end format, VisualWebb allows for extended custom features not seen before in a real estate environment.  

Your website will be in constant growth mode as new widgets and custom pages will be available for you to use.  Your dashboard will make you aware of any new features and tutorials needed to make each new addition easy and efficient part of your web experience.  

SEO Friendly Websites

Creating a new site from scratch and using an SEO friendly site structure is easier than taking an older site and revamping it; however it is never too late to implement SEO. A beautifully designed site that is hiding somewhere in the internet is pretty much a dead site. It can only count on direct traffic and will lose traffic from a lack of visibility on search engines.

We use blog technology to get your web visible on the internet.  Do your research and you will find the constant and regular input of new data has the most effect on search engine ranking.  Data that is focused on keywords combined with a feature rich website will bring clients to you and keep them coming back for more.

Premium Map Search

The service is using VisualWebb’s technology and data from Google Base. For the first time in the industry, it allows you to provide your clients with access to thousands of listings, including For Sale, Short Sale, Foreclosures, Bank Owned, Auction and more.

Let your clients look over all the MLS listings at once instead of 200 or 300 at a time like normal map searches.  Easy scrolling and visual hover over of property with a one click showing of each listing.  Your client never has to leave the page to query down the many listing that are available on the map search.  Also all your personal listing show as special featured listings to stand out on the page.  Other features are the quick view of price by color of each listing allowing for a quick view of affordable listings.

Professional Custom Design

Description: Chuck Jones is a real estate agent in the Treasure Valley interested in providing his clients with a user friendly website to find property.  His website provides access to a powerful back end of tools that include a super fast map search and easy to update listing that are view-able from the front page.

Chuck can change out just about any aspect of his website as needed. He can customize his website to accommodate his marketing strategy and bring instant information to this customer as he see fit.

Web Design: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, PHP

Web Development: Database Management, Content Management System (CMS), Articles Management, News and Events Management

Web Support: Hosting

Marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)